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onemorehour played Unreal Gold

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onemorehour said...
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Hellooo nostalgia. Picked up the Unreal pack on Steam (I'm sort of a sucker for anything like that... 6 games for $20? Uh, yes, please) and played through the first hour or so of the original Unreal. I really forgot about all the little details I appreciated about this game when I first played it--the atmosphere, the storytelling, the fancy floor reflections--everything felt particularly innovative. Which is not to say that Unreal was leaps and bounds better than, say, Quake 2, but they took the same sorts of gameplay elements and technology and succeeded in making a more compelling story with it. Good stuff.

One thing that was kind of amusing was how easy this game was. After playing recent PC FPS games, arcade-y titles like this are kind of amusingly simple. Still fun, though.
Unreal Gold

Unreal Gold (PC)

Genre/Style: Compilation/Shooter
Release Date:
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